Stream Rules of Conduct

  • Don't be an asshole.
  • If uncertain at any time, see above.
    1. Treat everyone equally and with proper respect.
    2. Capslock is cruise control to ban. 
    3. You are not a can of processed pork, spam will not be tolerated. Please refrain from: 
      1. more than 5 emojis per message
      2. large ASCII pictures
      3. an excessive amounts of individual messages at one time
    4. Overtly racist, vulgar, sexist, homophobic nonsense leads to the ban hammer. 
    5. Do you even chill bro? No QQ - We're here to have fun, don't be a downer and ruin the vibe!
    6. Are you a hooker? No? Then no solicitation unless approved by myself of the mods. 
      1. This includes but is not limited to: Spamming links, asking for subs, likes, follows, etc.
    7. Who made you the FBI? Let people lurk if they do not appear to be talking in chat. 
      1. Do NOT @ staff.
    8. No backseat gaming or spoilers. I will ask for help plenty, trust me. 
    9. No you cannot become a mod, but you can support the community and interact here, on social media and on my friends streams!

*giggles & blows kisses*

The infamous 3 rules of dating Dru

  1. Dru only dates winners.
  2. You must be more successful than Dru.
  3. You must be cuter than Dru.
  4. No butt stuff.