Charity Streaming 101


Set up a Discord

Welcome to how to start a charity stream. First and foremost have a place for those interested parties to get more information on your event. Discord is a great place to bring people together and organize them efficiently. Use google forms or docs to make a sign up sheets and schedules for volunteers that can be easily linked and edited.

You may need volunteers to stream, design promotional material, advertise the event, moderate for the event, technical support, or other administrative duties. Also, don't forget to include the time zone on these items!

The first channel in your discord should be a welcome channel. Explain to visitors why they have joined, what the event is about, where the event is being held, when it takes place, and who you are looking for to participate. Remember to clearly state the rules and what is expected of people. This is the easiest way to make your event go smoothly. Common sense rules will help everyone stay happy.

Explain what each channel in your discord is for. You may wish to add a general chat, introduction area, question and answer channel, and a place to add event setup details. Another suggestion is to make clear, concise steps for people to join the event team.


Steps to Joining

  • 1. Post in #introduce-yourself who you are and that you would like to stream for the upcoming event. 
  • 2. Go to and press "join us" (sign up for tiltify if needed) 
  • 3. Post in #streams-n-tags your stream URL and/or gamer tags so we know WHERE to find you. 
  • 4. Signup on the schedule so we know WHEN to find you. Take any spot you like, no matter how many people are in it, the more the merrier! - current schedule
  • 5. Link the tiltify campaign on your stream so people can donate. 
  • 6. Any other questions? Start with Charity 101 streaming guide listed here. Then ask in #streamer_questions 
  • 7. Put #CharityName in the title of your stream the day of the event. 


Sign up for Tiltify. It is a great service that handles all the donations, tracking and scheduling for charity streams, while catering to gamers. This way people will know their donations are going to a reputable source, and you can pick from hundreds of charities already listed on the site such as Doctors Without Boarders, Red Cross, St. Jude, Able Gamers, and many more!

To add your event simply sign up for an account. 

In the upper right corner click on the circle with your icon in it (or default grey icon). Click Dashboard. From there you can set up Teams and Campaigns.

First, set up your team. On the left side click Teams. At the top of the page click Create Team. From there you will Name your team (This will be part of your URL) add team details and icon as well as link any team social media accounts. You can also decide whether to make the team by invitation only or open to the public. Click save once you have added all your details in the Team Details tab.

Click the Management tab. From here you can manage requests to join the team, send invites and add other administrators. You can also decide to transfer team ownership to another administrator. This tab will also be used to accept or deny join requests in the future. 

Now click on Campaigns on the left. At the top of the page click Create Campaign. Choose your cause, if your charity is not listed here, the charity will have to contact Tiltify to be added, this process takes approximately a month. Charities must be registered with the government as a non-profit group to be added.

Once you have chose your charity you can participate in one of their active campaigns listed on the next page, or create your own. Once clicking on your choice you will have the option to sign up as an individual or team. Click team and chose from one of the teams you manage (like the one you just created) to participate. 

On the next page you will create the name of your campaign and the URL associated with it. Next, you will chose the dates of your campaign. Please note that these dates are for the start and end of the donation period on tiltify, your event may run shorter than these dates. It is a good idea to give people an extra day to donate after your main event.

Add your goal. Picking a goal is very important because each individual streamer will support this one main goal, even if they have a smaller goal of their own. Picking a goal that is too low or too high may hinder fundraising. However, this can be edited later. The minimum goal is $100.

Once you have done all of these steps you will see a summary page confirming your choices. 

You will now have access to the Campaign dashboard. You can chose to let individual streamers sign up by selecting "Allow Other Campaigns to Support This Campaign" or just allow team members to particpate. Individual streamer will have their own goal bar, and be credited with how much they raised individually towards the overall goal.

To access the Overlay for your team campaign scroll to the bottom of the page, from there you can find a link and a Guide to Tiltify Overlays.

From the campaign dashboard you can set a schedule of events, Incentives, Milestones as well as see Donors, and and their Messages to the team.

Incentives information, including a donors personal information is handled by tiltify. The site will compile a list of eligible donations to receive a given prize. You can also add polls and challenges under incentives.

If you would like to set up individual milestones for your campaign you can do so in the milestones tab. These usually include some sort of reward that is unlocked for everyone at certain fundraising increments. 

Intro for potential streamers

Here is a great write-up by Zcotticus on “Tips for Charity Streams”:  

The following assumptions are being made: 

  • You already stream on a platform (Twitch, Beam, YouTube, etc.) 
  • You are familiar with your streaming software 
  • Read the write-up by Zcotticus above 
  • Started advertising your event
  • Contacted us We have added you to the team Click on “New Supporting Campaign” our Tiltify campaign page. insert URL
  • Click here on how to add the Tiltify tracker to your streaming software. (Optional) 
  • Add StreamJar Tiltify tracking - channel - integrations - charity - tiltify You will need the Tiltify event API key - available in the upper right corner of edit event (Optional) 
  • Add a StreamJar Chat Bot
  • Leading up to the event, promote it on your stream, social media and discord. 
  • Be sure to recognize all donations made during your stream - large or small - people will feel their donations are worth it if they feel appreciated. 
  • Mention why you are streaming at least every 20-30 minutes. Tell them why you believe in the charity.
  • Provide some talking points in discord. 
  • Always have fun while you are streaming for the cause! Do it for the right reasons, not for views. 
  • If someone cannot donate remind them that spreading the word on social media is just as important. 
  • Thank everyone for being there to donate, watch the stream and spread the word about this great cause. 

Talking Points

Streamer talking points - pick something to be mentioned every 20-30 minutes 

Please consider donating to #CharityName via TiltifyLink

You can visit #CharityName website by visiting #Link which is a 501(c)(3) charity so when you donate you can deduct that from your taxes. 

Please consider donating, but if you currently do not have the funds why not spread the word by retweeting, hosting or even doing your own charity stream in the future. 

What does the charity do? 

Give statistics about the problem it solves.

#CharityName uses the donations it receives to: 

Give amount increments if possible.

What other groups does the charity work with?

Writing an Overview

The upcoming event will kick off at (insert time) time zone on Date and go to Time Date.

A sentence about the person in charge.

You now have the charity officially on Tiltify, integrated with stream jar (which means you can make a supporting campaign and link it if you wish). Continue to work behind the scenes to promote the event and raise awareness for this great cause!


With donations tracked through tiltify, this means all funds going straight to the charity with no fees or taxes. Remind viewers of this. This also allows you to track each person's progress and create overlays with the goal for those using obs or xsplit. Remind streamers to sign up at If someone does not want to sign up for whatever reason send people here to donate. Remind them to ask for help if needed.